Swimming pools

Do you want to have your own swimming pool- beautiful, long lasting and not very expensive?


The most important question is: how to make the waterproof properties reliable, so that your summer house does not get flooded from the swimming pool? In fact 100-percent isolation is not conceived neither by folio, neither ceramic tiles, neither glass mosaic in combination with bitumen materials on the base of polymer-cement. The metal constructions are not durable.

But there is a solution to the problem. Providing 100 percent waterproof properties and long lastingness of the pools with all shapes is achieved with the use of PP in the construction of the pools- and in addition a considerable reduction of the costs for the construction works.

Polypropylene is ecologically clean, hard, strong and a lasting plastic with thickness of 5 to 15 mm. produced in Western Europe, especially for the making of pools. The welded with professional equipment pools from polypropylene sheets are completely hermetic and do not require any additional work for the waterproof qualities nor the use of other hydro isolation materials.

The harmonization of the elements (skimmers, reflex and hydro massage valve, underwater spotlights, air massage elements) is made of polypropylene sheets with the help of special water seals and bolt linkages. There is no need to use heat isolation materials , because the low heat conductivity of the polypropylene pool helps preserve a stable temperature of the water and to economize from electricity expenses for the heating of the water.

When the cement is poured on the area around the pool, casting is not necessary, because the Polypropylene plays the part of castings.

The absence of concrete spread also reduces the cost of pool building.
The polypropylene pool does not require and additional work processes.
The polypropylene can be used and processed, can be used as hydro isolation, heat isolation and as a construction material all at the same time.

The technology of cutting and melding of the polypropylene permits that the pools can be made in any form, shape and dimensions. They can be small pools on the ground floor of the house or open air pools with a considerably big size situated in the garden and beautifully included in the architectural plan of you place of relaxation.

Thanks to the polypropylene even the wildest fantasy of the architect or the designer can be made a reality with a pool of original shape. The making of the pool is done in the work shop and on the spot.
The now used polypropylene has a very wide specter of color scales – light blue, blue, dark blue, white, green etc. The coloring of the material is volumes, with duration of the colors for more than 20 years. The color is not influenced by temperature / neither high nor low/ neither by ultraviolet rays.
The solidity and durability of the polypropylene and its firmness to the season׳s temperature changes is a guarantee for a long term use of the pool, situated in the open air.

The swimming pool is easy to clean, its surface is steadfast to coloring substances, and when wet or moist does not become slippery, so the surface is trauma safe.
The swimming pools are offered with the whole set of necessary equipment, required by the sanitary and health authorities. Those are filtering systems with different capacity, supplied with devices for automatic control, control and testing of the water, with the help of which, the water can be used for swimming for a period of 4-5 years with out changing.

These are also, electrical and heat exchange water heaters and equipment for regulating the processes for maintaining the necessary temperature of the water, different types of underwater spotlights and a set of transformers, ensuring the safety of their usage, hydro massager, geysers, water falls, air dryers and many others.

Standard scheme for skimmer pools

1.Six position valve
3.Heat exchanger
4.Automatic dosage system
5.Underwater lights
6.Flush pump
7.Filtration pump
8.Inflow nozzle
10.Mechanical flow level
11.Sucking valve
13.Control panel with timer

Standard scheme for overflowing pools

1.Six position valve
2.Flange socket
3.Filtration pump
4.Flush pump
5.Ball valve
8.Automatic dosing system
9.Control panel with timer
10.Heat exchanger
12.Automatic float level
13.Compensation reservoir
15.Check valve
16.Suction valve
17.Overflow drain
18.Technical overflow drain
19.Overflow grating
22.Reverse start