Waste Water Treatment Plants

The Company “Waterline Services Ltd” works in the field of potable water purification, municipal and industrial waste water treatment. We have a unique and effective patented technology as well as a machine-building plant, certified by ISO 9001:2000 with over 100 specialists. All of them secure the high quality and reliability of the manufacturing, mounting and servicing of the equipment, produced by us. The Company has possibility to make and realize a project for a water treatment plant from a preliminary design to a final stage (waste water treatment equipment made from concrete, metal, PE etc. according to the requirements of the client)

We are a Company with actual presence:

Producing capacity;

„Waterline Services Ltd” manufactures waste water treatment equipment, sludge dewatering installations, pumps, blowers and mixers according to individual requirements from the customer.

>> Waste Water Treatment Modules made from polypropylene

>> Waste Water Treatment Plants made from reinforced concrete

>> Waste Water Treatment plants made from Steel