About us

The office of Waterline services Ltd. is in Sofia and in it work technological engineers in the field of water purification, chemical engineers and civil engineers.
The company includes also technical staff of experts, needed for the total rational project of all parts- technological, mechanical , architectural, constructional, electrical , automation and control , water supply and sewerage system, heating and ventilation and others. We also have at our disposal a unique and effective patented technology, also a machine-building plant , certified by ISO 9001:2000 with over 100 specialists. All they secure the high quality and reliability of the manufacturing, mounting and servicing the equipment produces by us. The Company has the capacity to make and realize projects for all types of WWTP and other water equipments from a preliminary design to the final stage (water treatment equipment from concrete, metal, PE and PP and others) according to the requirements of the customer
Our scope of activities includes the following areas:

Water treatment solutions

1. Engineering

We offer consultancy and project services, as well as participation in all the stages of research and building, including additional engineering activities in the water sector.
– water supply systems and equipment;
– sewerage systems and equipment;
– water purification plant for drinking water;
– water purification plant for municipal and industrial waste water.

2. Services
– feasibility study , analysis, evaluation and expertise ;
– planning and fulfillment of analytical measurements and experiments on the
– design of al parts in accordance to the fazes of the investment process;
– consultancy, project control and coordination , preparation of auction documents;
– reconstruction and modernization;
– preparing and fulfilling projects for study and development;
- start up, analysis and optimization;
– training of the personnel ;

3. Study and development:

– applying new biotechnology in the purification of waste waters / for example purifying waste water with patented biofilters, increasing the biological decomposition of the impurities in the water ( remaining COD) using new bioreactors with fixed biomass/;

- developing of concepts for purification, in accordance with the specific local conditions;
– partnership in the planning for studying and development;
– developing of new technologies in the treating of water, oriented to the reclaimed use of the water;
– implementing of high quality purification technologies, such as selection of chemical regents for coagulants, flocculation and sedimentation.

4. Production

The company produces and offers:
- treatment equipment from PE,PP and metal;
- mechanical screens;
- equipment for dewatering of the sludge;
- installations for preparation and dosage of chemical regents;
- pumps;
- blowers;
- mixers;
- airjets.
According to individual orders and requirements of the customers.

5. Swimming pools, wellness, aqua parks, cryo sauna fountains

The Company offers:
- equipment for swimmi8ng pools ( pumps, filters ,skimmer, adders ,fittings ,fixtures and tiling) as well as complete design and fulfillment of individual projects;
- equipping of Wellness , as well as entire designing according to individual project;
- cryo sauna – delivery and assembly of unique equipment for cryo technology;
- fountains – equipment for fountains and individual project and fulfillment.