Equipment for WWTP:

Mechanical screens
Grit separators
Chemical stages;
Sand filters;
Filters with active carbon;
Dozing systems;
Filter presses;
Mixers; Grease removers; Floating aerators; Aerating systems and others


The mechanical screens are used to retain the solid particles and bigger objects, entering with the incoming waters. This is the first stage in the water treatment process. Through them is ensured the faultless work of the following technological equipment.


Static screen

The static screen is installed in the entrance canal of the treatment plant and their cleaning is done manually with the help of a rake. In the back part there is a container for the screenings. The distance between the bars vary from 10 to 30 mm. The screen can be made from stainless or galvanized steel depending on the requirements of the customer. The frequency of cleaning depends on the contamination of the incoming waste waters.

Screen basket type

These types of screens are used in small treatment plants. The basket screens are mounted at a desired distance by a sliding system built in the wall. The screen can be made from stainless steel as standard, as well as from galvanized steel or such with an epoxy cover.


Vertical automatic screens

The automatic vertical screen is used for the mechanical treatment of the incoming waters. They are built in the entering canal, their height depends on the size of the canal. The collected in the screen mechanical impurities through an elevation system with a comb cleaner are thrown out in a container for screenings. The standard distance between the bars is 10-30 mm, but if required by the customer could be made finer. The linear automatic screens are placed in deep canals, where there is no limitation for the height of the canal. The working mode of the screen can be manual, controlled by time or depending on the quantity of entering water (by level).
According to the needs of the customer the vertical automatic screen can be made of stainless steel, galvanized material or steel with an epoxy cover.

Curved automatic screen

The curved automatic screen consists of chassis, fixed rods of the screen, motor-gear, two devices comb like for the cleaning connected with the main axis and two sets of rubber cleaning parts. In the back of the screen is situated a small collecting container, where the screenings are collected and can be scooped up by hand or automatically by a screw press. The standard distance between the bars is 10-30 mm.

The curved automatic screen is made from stainless steel, from galvanized material or from carbon steel with a cover as required by the customer.

Automatic conveyor screen

The automatic conveyor screen is used in the case of high waste water flow with high contamination.
The rake is activated through the movement of the motor gear to the chain system. The working of the screen is controlled by time or by level.
The effectiveness of gathering of the solid particles is very high. It is usually installed in a canal with a suitable slope. It is self cleaning by a system of nozzles and spinning brushes.
The produced conveyer screens are from AISI 314 or AISI 316 stainless steel depending on the characteristics of the flowing waters. The screen comb is made from PP material.